Northview Church wanted to refresh the Northview Kids area at the Carmel Campus after almost 20 years. While the “bones” of the project were in good shape, the finishes needed to be updated to match Northview’s brand. Keeping with the established brand Jill Duzan helped create, the rooms reflect Northview Kids colors and design with added features and interactive elements. The hallways resemble a park with carpet that looks like moss covered cobblestones and columns wrapped with wood “trees”. Kids (and adults) have the opportunity to interact and play with a climbing wall, light/shadow wall, curly slide, wall nooks, and a 21st Century Lite Bright while moving through the hallways to their classrooms. The playful colors and carpet patterns keep the kids engaged and excited to learn. Each room has a unique color/theme identifier so the children can take ownership of their room and look forward to moving to the next. The Northview Kids refresh helps to bring joy and excitement inside and outside the classrooms.