Northview Church has revitalized the once vacant medical office building at Binford Boulevard and 65th Street in Indianapolis into a mixed use facility. The building is home to office and conferencing space for Northview Church Central Services staff as well as a worship auditorium, Capstone Cafe’s second location, and an expanded Northview Kids space that doubles as a daycare during the week with the Learning Care Group.

The remodeled kids wing artfully blends the different branding characteristics of Northview Kids and Pathways Learning Academy. The use of color and pattern seamlessly integrate key features of both unique brands while appealing to both parents and kids. Kids are invited to learn about their different classroom pals as they travel down the hallway, and are greeted by powerful Northview messaging inside the classroom. Parents dropping their kids off for daycare during the week can easily see what their child is working on with different work displays and pictures running on the TVs. They can also check-in on their child’s classroom through a web cam during the day. The STEAM center and large group space includes interactive learning opportunities such as the tinker wall and Eye Click projector as well as areas to read and draw. Kids are greeted by energized rooms and unique classroom identities to give them ownership over their space. Neutral backdrops with pops of color and fun patterns give the space new life and energy.