Clients / Blend Bar Cigar


Blend Bar Cigar is unique and intriguing, from the 40 foot back-lit onyx bar to the comfortable conversational seating areas, and curiously speaking, what is behind the “secret” bookcase door?  Blend is the place to be – Sophisticated, Casual, Refined.  There are beautiful light fixtures from Turkey and paddle fans, all hanging from the exposed warehouse ceiling.Classic and timeless materials are used throughout – stone, onyx, wood, glass and iron gates from Italy all blend to create a comfortable but unique and exotic flavor, appealing to both men and women.

Return on Design: “It’s extremely nice, very plush and you can tell nothing was held back on this place…from the decor to the finishing details…” Eric L.

“Classy. Sophisticated. Luxurious. Contemporary.  Relaxed.  These are just a few choice words to describe my favorite spot to grab a drink and hang out with the guys.” Adam C.