IMMI wanted to turn 9,500 square feet of unused space into a state of the art engineering center that could house 60 engineers as well as various conferencing areas. This is the start of a company wide design refresh that’s geared at attracting new talent and clients. IMMI’s mission is to bring innovative, customized safety solutions to people all over the world.

The engineering center can be accessed by a catwalk that spans over the plant to the other side of the building where more offices and conferencing areas are located. The open concept work stations are intermixed with different types of meeting areas – traditional table and chairs, lounge chairs, and booth style. The engineers have the option to work on designs at their 8 foot long desks, or at the adjustable height work tables. There is room for 20+ people in the large conference room that opens up to the hospitality and co-working space. Guests can enjoy a snack or drink at the custom designed steel and wood bar counter or touch down for a quick meeting at the community table. The open structure ceiling is painted light so the entire space feels taller and fresh, but contrasts with the dark flooring, wood look desks and color accents. Different textures, patterns, colors, and materials create an inviting space that feels open and collaborative, yet private and engaging.