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Getting to Simple is hard, but when you get there “you know it!” By using common, simple materials in creative applications, the result is not only fun, happy and flexible, but cost effective and durable.
How do you create a fun and exciting place “kids want to be?” How can we use this new 66,000 square foot space for adult functions as well? First you design a space from the inside out functionally. It must respond to the activities and expectations of the use. By using simple color, texture, pattern and light in a creative way you have a FUN HIP space to utilize in many venues for children and adults. Whoever said adults don’t like color?!?

Return on Design:  “The kids are so excited to be here, they run and roll under the garage doors as they open!”
“The space is phenomenal.  It allows us to get specific with our ministry to each age group.”  Tim Thompson, Kids Pastor TPCC