…authentic expression from the imprint of life, believing anything is possible and rising to the challenge. Pursuing purpose with passion true to the spirit.

Jill Duzan Willey is the owner and creative vision behind Jill Duzan, LLC. Jill's extensive experience has taught her that design is a vehicle to deliver measurable results, or as Jill calls it “return on design.” Jill enjoys building client relationships, allowing her to become a bridge from the client to the design. Working with clients in multiple industries has given her much insight into the client’s needs and the importance of design supporting the client’s purpose—being about people and their activities. When it comes to people, processes and projects, Jill always finds a better approach and a better solution. Jill’s commitment to “make a difference” motivates her to drive the design process beyond traditional methods which culminates in exceptional results. Jill is a true visionary. She has a unique ability to walk into a space and visualize its potential almost immediately. Jill's passion, creativity and vision have built the foundation for an exceptional design experience.

Design Approach

First we ask lots of questions. What is the purpose of the space, what is the message? What do you want people to do and feel here? We've developed a process that completely hinges on our ability to listen. We'd find it pretty hard to meet your business needs if we didn't understand your business. Afterall, it IS about you!

Valued Experience

Qualifications and experience matter. Jill's Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design from Indiana State and NCIDQ certification combined with more than 35 years of experience designing millions of square feet make a difference. Jill Duzan has a proven track record of successful design and a long client list. Yet there is always a thrill in finding a way to do something new, something that seems impossible. At Jill Duzan, we delight in solving a creative puzzle by applying our creativity, expertise and drawing on experience to get us there on time and on budget.

Return on Design

Sometimes in the Design Industry there is a perception that if you hire a designer, it will cost more, or that designers are only for high end luxury jobs. This perception is not true at Jill Duzan. Jill's business approach to design balances cost, function and aesthetic to determine the appropriate investment to achieve the goals. One client saw $53,000 savings solely from re-designed work station configurations. "Our sales performance has increased since we moved to our new headquarters" - Interactive Intelligence . " It is not enough to design it; you must also make it work. Now THAT is Return on Design!


Mary Noland Jensen
Design Associate

Mary believes that good design reaches beyond aesthetics and artistic vision. Truly successful design enhances what happens in a space, and is ultimately about people and their activities. Have you ever walked into a space and it felt right? You may not know why but it feels comfortable. THAT is good design. You know it when you see it! Mary's attention to detail, her strength in drawing, and CAD skills are a tremendous asset to the design process. The ability to create 3 dimensional renderings and detail drawings is necessary to express and communicate the design to you - the customer. Mary’s world travels, creativity, enthusiasm and feel for design result in effective and beautiful designs. She has a B.S. in Interior Design from IUPUI and a B.A. in Sociology from Wittenberg University and is working toward passing the NCIDQ.